Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Head Floats in Brooklyn (or Manhattan)

For some reason I had a hard time deciding what to post today. I settled on this one, which I hope y'all enjoy:

This drawing is based on a woman I saw (where else??) on the subway, as I was riding into work. Sketching on a crowded subway car is rough. It's impossible to do standing up, but even if I can find a seat, I'm often crushed between people with large bags or large coats or very large butts (though I should not criticize as I often have all three). As a result, it is usually difficult to sketch a whole person. However, since I would never post a drawing that I had not finished, this means that the reason this woman is not shown with arms or a torso is that she did not have them. She was only a floating head and shoulders, stuck to a floating box. Thinking back, I admit I'm a bit confused as to why I was not more alarmed by this at the time. But that's New York for you - there's always so much going on, someone doing something weird, shouting, dressing funny, being a floating head, that you just become inured to it. How was your day honey? Oh, okay I guess - went to work, had lunch, got some milk on the way home, ran into a floating head on the subway. How was your's?


  1. Hi, found your blog through that link you posted in the NY Times about the drawing post. You just never know where you might scare up a reader. Just letting you know it did some good!!!

  2. @Carrie - thanks for reading, and for letting me know you got here through the Times! I'm glad the link got clicked :) I hope you enjoy my posts and drawings.