Saturday, September 4, 2010

An Iron Will

This drawing is from the "old days." And by "old days" I mean the early 1800's:

Ironing has never been one of my favorite activities. Sure, the results are nice, but the process is a chore - waiting for the iron to heat up, positioning the clothes, pressing here, pulling there. It's sort of like getting a physical - it's necessary, but from the start I'm really just waiting to put my pants back on.

I've mentioned the cathartic power of art with a capital "A" on this blog before. I said to myself, confront your discomfort, wield your pencil at the very object that offends you! As with previous attempts, it did not work. Drawing an iron and some wrinkly clothes did not make actually ironing my own wrinkly clothes any more enjoyable. Disappointment is my unfortunate destiny.


  1. I think you mean this is from the early 1900s, not 1800s, but maybe 1955? I remember irons like this.

  2. Nita - you are correct - the iron itself is actually from the 1980's - I said that thing about the 1800s only because I made this drawing nearly a decade ago, and looking at it again made me feel old :)