Sunday, February 20, 2011

Highway to Meow

Hello everyone! After a week of darkness, I have returned with a brand new post, IN COLOR. Cats are up to their shenanigans once more, in this new installment of 3-panel strips. These are actually dedicated to my brother, whose love for a certain band inspired the third strip.

Can cats play guitar? Experience has taught me the answer is yes.

With the help of my brother, I was recently able to get my hands back on the electric guitar I had when I was 14 (it was stashed at my parents' house in the suburbs, and he valiantly drove it and my oversized amp into Manhattan). However, for the past few days I've come home to hear a distinct electric hum fading out just as I open the door. When I pick up my guitar, it is tuned a few steps higher than usual, and I've even noticed some strange callouses on the tips of my cats' little forepaws. I also found the following lyrics crudely scrawled onto a piece of paper stuffed behind their litter box. Could it be they are practicing for their rock debut? Hopefully I can catch them in the act before they post something on YouTube account without my knowledge. Here is the song they wrote:

Lyrics by Solomon & Robin Choi

Shedding easy, shedding free
Season changes and I blow my hide
Tail is studding, urging me
To hump furniture in my prime
Don't need bathin', waste of time
Tell you something I would rather do:
Groom around, when I'm so inclined,
My cat-balls and my toe jam too

I'm on a Highway to Meow
Highway to Meow
I'm on a Highway to Meow
Highway to Meow

All nap time, no limits
I get drowsy when I'm on the ground
Bare my fore-claw - you can't clip it
Nobody's gonna trim me down!
Hackin' hairballs in your shoes
Squish around between your toes
Hey Mama! Please feed me!
Wet food 'till my big pooch grows

I'm on a Highway to Meow
Highway to Meow
I'm on a Highway to Meow
Highway (guitar slide)
I'm on a Highway to Meow (Highway to Meow)
I'm on a highway to Meo-ow! (Highway to Meow)
I'm on a highway to Meo-o-ow! (Highway to Meow)
I'm on a highway to Meow (Highway to Meow)

And I'm goin' meow
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way
(guitar: meow-meow meow-meow meow-meow meow-meow meow)
On a Highway to Meow


  1. Thank you :) They really do love my guitar for some reason - constantly sniffing at the case. Honestly, it's a bit strange.