Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ben Franklin is ALIVE

Today's drawing is based on a man I saw on the subway.

The first thing you might think when looking at this drawing is, "The subway does not have wallpaper with Cheerio-ghosts on it!" And you would be wrong - a recent ordinance passed by the county of Manhattan states that all subway interiors are to be wallpapered with ghostly Cheerios wallpaper - however, you would be right in suggesting that I did not draw the wallpaper firsthand, as I was only on the subway for 16 minutes (in a car without air-conditioning, sweating profusely).

In all honesty, I did draw this man's face, hair, and the basic shape and creases of his shirt while on the train. And believe me when I say, that this man is none other than Ben Franklin himself. Really. He is alive, he is not dead as the history books have told us. He has been in hiding since his "death" in 1790, in the one place where he would not be noticed for being over 200 years old, because who isn't a weirdo in Manhattan? When I asked him what city we were in, he told me, "New Amsterdam," and the cat was, as the French say, out of the bag.*

Seriously though this dude really looked like Ben Franklin. After I finished sketching, I was honestly shocked. Distant relation???

* Ben Franklin would not have called New York New Amsterdam as according to WikiAnswers the city has been know as New York since 1674.

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